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About Pamela WELSH:
Certified master practitioner of matrix energetics and reiki practitioner & trainer in marin county

All of Pamela's energy work is a "consciousness medicine" where together Pamela and client shift belief patterns that create dysfunctions at all levels of the client's being. Pamela is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute and an ordained minister of the Church of Divine Man. Integrating all her skill has taught her how to direct with clear intention when working with her clients by remote healings or in her office.

Pamela uses Natural, Safe, Effective, and Affordable Holistic products. Please visit the Product section for a discussion on topics including: Amethyst Bio Mats, Essential Oils, Alkal-Life Water Ionizer, Bamboo Salts.

Pamela is a certified master practitioner of Matrix Energetics and has studied with Dr. Richard Bartlett through his seminar program and privately in his office. She is also certified in the Chinese Energetic Method of Healing known as the Yuen Method and has been practicing both methods for several years.

Twenty years ago she completed her Reiki certification and has been working with the Reiki massage and teaching Reiki classes. Pamela works with people from all areas of the world with highly effective Remote healings also known as long distance healings. Pamela has been in San Rafael, California located in Marin County for the last 45 years.

Reverend Pamela Welsh -  Certified Master Practitioner Teacher
Reverend Pamela Welsh
Certified Master Practitioner Teacher
What clients say:

I am writing to let you know my left leg and knee are a lot better. After the one treatment my left leg is not as lumpy as before. The right leg is pretty much pain free. The bowels are completely normal. I appreciate your help very much.

J.H. Arizona

Pamela, thank you for showing me how I could enhance the treatments you have done by using the BioMat as a daily routine in the comfort of my home. I am so happy that I purchased one and will continue to self-heal from the treatments I have received from your office with the aid of the BioMat.

T.C. San Rafael, California

"I met Pam when she was in Seattle working on her certification. Her pleasant and easygoing style immediately put me at ease as she worked on my chronic hip and low back pain. The results were amazing! I experienced immediate and long lasting relief that I had never found from other treatments. Months later I called Pam for a consult on hip and leg pain. She suggested that, since she knew my back, we try a phone treatment. Again, I was amazed. The pain subsided, and has not yet returned. I'm very happy that I found someone of Pam's knowledge and skill level, and I truly believe in her treatment modality."

T. Elliott, Seattle, Washington

"I saw Pam after an auto accident causing me neck, back and hip injuries resulting in nerve, joint and muscle pain. Her healing soothed the pain and immediately released muscle cramping and spinal misalignments. This truly is instantaneous healing!"

AW, Sausalito, California